About Us

Jim Hicks, President of Hicks-Co., Inc. purchased his first truck in 1972. Over the years Jim has owned as many as 53 trucks. Currently because of customer growth, Jim decided to open a bigger service for shippers as well as trucking companies, hence the birth of the brokerage side of Hicks-Co., Inc. was born.

Hicks-Co., Inc. has contracted with shipping companies in Long Beach, California harbor to transport as much as 3,000,000 pounds of steel, roof tile and roofing (rolled & shingles) at one time to various terminals in the USA. We have seven days to move these shipments and needed trucks to move these loads very quickly.

Hicks-Co., Inc. has a large shipping base in Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. We can access available freight in 48 states. SInce November 1996, we have taken part in shipping freight to Mexico from Texas, Arizona, and California.

Hicks-Co., Inc. is a deversified Company moving into the 21st Century by moving freight via flatbed, stepdeck, van and refrigeratged transport.